Not letting a serious crisis go to waste

By Neil Crowther

In this guest post for Inclusion Europe, Neil Crowther argues that, rather than being a victim of austerity, new thinking on independent living can offer ‘a plausible way forward, via which the pursuit of disabled people’s rights to full participation can be allied to the search for more effective and sustainable ways to draw upon and make good use the full range of resources around us.’  


2 thoughts on “Not letting a serious crisis go to waste

  1. This particular piece is really challenging my thinking on what independent living means to me as a disabled person and also as a Scottish person living in England. Despite obvious prejudices in the employment field there are always more independent and free thinking organisations out there practicing equality. I am therefore somehow still managing to get by. However, forgive me for straying onto a negative side, as I fail to see any opportunities in the austerity policies thrown up by the coalition Government. But, as I normally try sticking to the bright side of life, maybe if what you mean by opportunity in adversity, is backing Scotland for independence? I would certainly back my fellow Scots in the notion that the people of Scotland did not democratically elect the austerity measure brought upon them and that becoming Independent would bring better opportunities for ‘independent living’ for disabled people in Scotland. Certainly, the succour offered fellow disabled people north of the Border in the Scotland Self-Directed Support Act looks much more appetising. The “Warm, reekin, rich” concoction set out in Scotland’s National Strategy for Self Directed Support is the more palatable solution to me. It is, alas, an elixir I cannae take as I would prefer to tough it out down here with my English brothers and sisters. After all – we’re a’ Jock Tamson’s Bairns. Oops – sorry for slipping into Burns – but I am off work today planning a Burns Supper for the weekend.

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